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Wael Salloum
Ph.D. Candidate
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waelatccls [dot] columbia [dot] edu

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Wael is a Syrian Ph.D. candidate who joined CCLS in 2010. He has an MS in Management Information Systems, a BS in Software Engineering, and an AS in Computer Engineering, all from University of Damascus. At Columbia, he received an MS and an MPhil in Natural Language Processing.

Wael is doing research on Dialectal Arabic to English Machine Translation (funded by the DARPA BOLT project, DARPA GALE project, and Google). He developed two tools publicly available to researchers: ADAM (an Analyzer for Dialectal Arabic Morphology) and Elissa (a Dialect-to-Standard Arabic hybrid machine translation system). He also worked on deep learning models to cheaply expand to more dialects and sub-dialects. Wael also developed a programming language, Latte, designed for NLP where the basic data structure is a lattice to allow for easy handling of ambiguity.

Wael is a cofounder and CTO of MedTools, Inc (http://medtools.com), a startup that curates medical device information and provides search, comparison and discovery to physicians. At MedTools, he built an efficient semantic search engine, an ontology-based recommendation system, and an ontology builder that uses active learning to automatically consolidate medical device knowledge with the help of a physician.


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