Suzanne Maxx

Tribute To: 

RIP Dave! Yours was a brilliant mind, and we so appreciate your genius! A role model you will remain!  We are so grateful for your encouragement, love and support- Dave, you are loved and appreciated for a beautiful heart, unprecedented humility, patience, and knowledge beyond reason.


Since when Dave first learned about the World Team project in 2005, he embraced all the project and encouraged persistence. Dave was on the Honorary Board of Directors since 2007 of World Team Now our 501c3 non-profit organization.  Dave's support and encouragement of World Team Now was significant, he contributed using all resources over the years. He invited World Team- Building LLC to be part of CCLS’s contribution to the New York State Hub Grant for the DOE with our net zero building project. Dave, you got our World Team project, and supported in all ways with resources.  Thanks for the home base, gift of time, skills and knowledge. We are grateful for your contribution with the IEEE paper on Vehicle Electrification Status and Issues. You are role model for an outside the box mind, perseverance and a brilliant soul that will live on through us all, and the legacy of CCLS. Dave, you are love by many and have left the world a better place with all you have contributed, especially CCLS! We are grateful to have shared at CCLS --and enthusiastic about all project coming out especially with machine learning-- natural language translation, epilepsy, and the smart grid, Thanks!