Roger Anderson

Tribute To: 

Before he came to Columbia, I knew Dave Waltz mostly from his stint at Thinking Machines, the forever FIRST and must legendary of Supercomputer companies…. Dave was the leader of their software division… and it was the only profit making part of the breakthrough company ever, unfortunately for Thinking Machines…. They battled Cray, IBM, and the Japanese (at the time the scariest foreign competition) for the fastest, biggest hardware, and thanks to generous funding for all from DARPA and the Pentagon, they were never able to advance from the crowd.  But Dave's analytics formed the heart, sole, and only survivor of that wonder company.  Once at Columbia, Dave quickly embraced the work Albert Boulanger and I were doing to advance the computation learning systems for energy and the future of cities, countries and the world, and to make the Electric Grid "Smart", an oxymoron at the time. No one else in Artificial Intelligence was paying much mind to the energy world except for Schlumberger, who were using it for a secret-sauce that allowed them to dominate the hydrocarbon-service industry. We quickly became one of the three "footings" of CCLS: Energy, Medicine and Security that have allowed us to grow into one of the standout Centers-of Excellence in all of Columbia. We are both terribly saddened for Dave's passing, and proud to have served under his vision, integrity and strength of leadership."