Haimonti Dutta

Tribute To: 

Dave was an inspiration.  I was mesmerized by this "giant" bending down to talk to me the first time I saw him in 2007 and have been fascinated ever since … He was an assiduous reader and diligently read computer science technical material with as much zest as financial magazines, books on history, education and novels. I often talked to him about reading and shared critiques of books, suggestions on what to read and learnt valuable lessons from each discussion. He loved to listen as much as he liked talking. I would describe my ideas on projects and he would provide suggestions that made me reflect and instilled in me the need for doing high quality research that provided new insights. He would painstakingly correct my writings even though he had many other things to "get to". He would complain I often took him for granted and encouraged me to argue with him suggesting that would "educate" him. He loved people and cared for them.


I loved to see him steal a quick (much needed) shut-eye during meetings in our conference room, perhaps tired after all he had to deal with -- he would suddenly wake up, very conscious and apologize profusely as if a great crime had been committed. His humble nature will always inspire me.


He is dearly missed.