Cynthia Rudin

Tribute To: 

Dave was the kind of person who could (with one sentence, or even a one sentence email) give a piece of advice or make a connection that would change the whole course of your life. He somehow was able to figure out what kinds of things people would really like (potentially even before they knew it themselves) - and he helped people through knowing that. He did this to me personally - twice actually - directing me into the field of machine learning in the first place (at NEC labs in 2001), and connecting me with a job and project at CCLS many years later, which really changed the course of my career (and that with a 1-sentence email). I don't know anyone else who could do this sort of thing the way Dave could - he just had some magic about him that allowed him to give amazing advice. Maybe because he was so good at listening, and maybe because he trusted people to do a good job at things (and that kind of managing style clearly made a huge difference in the atmosphere of wherever he was). Dave was the kind of person who allowed pretty much everyone around him to trust him and know that his perspective on things was really centered. He encouraged people no matter what they were working on, and was a truly gentle, kind, caring person. I am so proud to have worked with him, and so glad to have such wonderful memories of him.