Becky Passonneau

Tribute To: 

Dave Waltz was a rare human being, a ready talker who had as much he wanted to ask you about as he had to say, a listener who inspired attention. To work with him was an opportunity I valued every day.  He radiated a belief in excellence in all things because he couldn’t help himself from excelling. He laughed easily and often, yet it was clear he worried as well. He worried about the Center, about each of us, about the state of the world. He directed the Center like a conductor with classical training and improvisational skill.  As I reflect on his days here, I find myself recalling my first days at CCLS, several years after its inception, and how often I found myself in his office deep in a discussion about a specific problem with an existing project; or about the university and the university system; or the relation between language and thought; the layout of our space – everything was food for thought.  At one time or another, almost everyone who worked here mentioned a discussion with Dave that made an impression. I wonder at how he made himself so available.  The only consolation of his not being here with us anymore is that he was here with us.