Albert Boulanger

Tribute To: 

I knew Dave at the University of Illinois when I was a grad student under Ryzard Michalksi. Dave was at the Coordinated Science Lab and I was in Computer Science. Dave wisely advised me on my adviser who many found difficult over the years as their adviser.  Later, when I went to BBN in Cambridge MA, Dave then went to Thinking Machines and we were both in a reading/discussion group call SNAC for a number of years. Then in 1994, I went to Columbia in Roger Anderson's group and interestingly Dave also moved to NJ to become the director of NEC research for some years. When Roger and I started in the work for Con Ed, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that Dave was at Columbia and founded CCLS -- somehow our paths were correlated. Dave always was wise and understanding and this allowed for many to achieve academic excellence under his watch. Dave helped with a difficult paper to finish on Electric Vehicles* and we made him a co-author -- the paper would have not been published without his skilled writing.

* Boulanger, A.G.; Chu, A.C.; Maxx, S.; Waltz, D.L.; , "Vehicle Electrification: Status and Issues," Proceedings of the IEEE , vol.99, no.6, pp.1116-1138, June 2011

doi: 10.1109/JPROC.2011.2112750