WordsEye Team with Daniel Bauer from CCLS wins grand prize for the New York State Business Plan Competition

PhD Students Bob Coyne and Daniel Bauer (CCLS), along with team advisor Prof Julia Hirschberg and Neelam Brar from the Columbia-London EMBA-Global program, have won the $100,000 grand prize for the New York State Business Plan Competition. The Columbia team was chosen from among 430 teams from nearly 60 colleges and universities across the state. The team won for WordsEye, a natural language processing system that creates 3D scenes from simple textual descriptions.

WordsEye, based on research done at Columbia's CS Department and Center for Computational Learning Systems, works by parsing the input text, performing semantic analysis, and automatically loading and positioning 3D objects in order to construct and render a 3D scene. The technology makes it easy for anyone to create and share rendered 3D scenes online. The prize money will be used to launch the business in the social media market.