New director of CCLS - announcement from Kathy McKeown, Director, IDSE

Becky Pssonneau

I am pleased to announce that Rebecca Passonneau has agreed to take over as Director of CCLS. Becky has been a member of CCLS for about seven years now (as her linked in account just reminded me) and was actively involved in the administration of CCLS over the past two years as acting associate director during the transition from Dave's reign as Director. Becky has been active in research efforts involving speech and dialog, multimodal processing, summarization evaluation, ConED projects, among many others. We are moving to a model similar to the chair model used in CS where director will serve for three years and may be elected to a second term by CCLS research scientists.

Please join me in welcoming Becky into her new position effective immediately.

At the same time, please join me in thanking Doug for his work as interim director. Doug is planning to become a program manager at AFOSR, a rotating position and he will retain his affiliation at Columbia.