CCLS Senior Research Scientist Prof. Vladimir Vapnik wins the NEC C&C 2013 prize

NEC C&C Foundation

CCLS Senior Researcher Prof. Vladimir Vapnik was awarded the NEC C&C prize for 2013 (¥10,000,000), for contributions to establishing Statistical Learning Theory and for the invention of high-performance and practical Learning Algorithms.

In recent years, machine learning technology has become one of the significant fundamental technologies for the development of ICT (such as the realization of various Web-based services and social services, the expansion of the integration areas of ICT, and the utilization of Big Data).

Prof. Vapnik proposed a performance evaluation theory for learning models under Statistical Learning Theory (SLT) and a high-performance and practical learning model, Support Vector Machine (SVM), considered to be one of the best learning models in pattern recognition. The breakthroughs made by Prof. Vapnik were extremely significant, and he has made valuable contributions to the development of machine learning technology and the expansion of its application field.

The C&C Prize was awarded to Prof. Vapnik in recognition of the exceptional contributions his work makes to the development of today's ICT field.

The official press release from NEC can be accessed here.

Press release from NEC C&C foundation site

Prof. Vapnik's profile can be found here.