CCLS research to inform the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

CCLS researcher Dr. Claire Monteleoni and student Shailesh Saroha are collaborating with NASA climate modeler Dr. Gavin Schmidt, on a project that Dr. Schmidt will present this month at the IPCC Expert Meeting on Assessing and Combining Multi Model Climate Projections. The IPCC, established by the United Nations in 1988, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, shared with Al Gore.

The work of Monteleoni, Saroha, and Schmidt uses machine learning to track the predictions of 20 global climate models, and consistently produces better global temperature predictions than the previous state-of-the-art in the climate community.  A preliminary version of this work, "Tracking Climate Models," was presented at the Temporal Segmentation Workshop at Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), 2009.