CCLS NLP group sweeps the 2013 NAACL submissions

The CCLS NLP group  sweeps the 2013 paper submissions to the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies.  This year, the paper acceptance rate to this prestigious conference is 30% for long papers, and 32% for short papers.  Of the 140 papers at the conference, eight papers will be from CCLS NLP members, amounting to 6% of the program.  

Congratulations CCLS NLP!

The papers are:

  1. Morphological Analysis and Disambiguation for Dialectal Arabic - Nizar Habash, Ryan Roth, Owen Rambow, Ramy Eskander and Nadi Tomeh
  2. Processing Spontaneous Orthography - Ramy Eskander, Nizar Habash, Owen Rambow and Nadi Tomeh
  3. Automatic Morphological Enrichment of a Morphologically Underspecified Treebank - Sarah Alkuhlani, Nizar Habash and Ryan Roth
  4. Dialectal Arabic to English Machine Translation: Pivoting through Modern Standard Arabic - Wael Salloum and Nizar Habash
  5. Development of a Persian Syntactic Dependency Treebank - Mohammad Sadegh Rasooli, Manouchehr Kouhestani, and Amirsaeid Moloodi
  6. Open Dialogue Management - Ben Hixon and Rebecca J. Passonneau
  7. Improving the Quality of Minority Class Identification in Dialog Act Tagging - Wisdom Omuya, Vinodkumar Prabhakaran and Owen Rambow
  8. Improving Lexical Semantics for Sentential Semantics - Weiwei Guo and Mona Diab