CCLS Research

Ideal candidates have both theoretical strength and experience with applications in one or more of the Center’s project areas. We look for an entrepreneurial spirit, and the proven ability to develop and lead a successful research program. We consider candidates with a Ph.D. in Computer Science or an engineering discipline related to their research area as well as a strong record of publication. We also hope that candidates are fully committed to producing at the levels of quality required by a world-class university… and an interest in living in one of the capitals of the world, New York City.

Center members will be expected to seek support for their research, and will have considerable autonomy in creating their own research programs. The Center aims to provide support services that will allow researchers to do their best work. Members will supervise Columbia grad students in their projects. Members have the opportunity to teach but teaching is not required. Our first priority is to meet the challenges confronted by our clients. Joint projects with the Computer Science Department as well as interdisciplinary activities with other departments in Columbia University are strongly encouraged.

We also have specific qualifications for candidates applying to work as a Senior Research Scientist, Research Scientist, Associate Research Scientist, Senior Staff Associates, Staff Associates or Graduate Research Assistants:

Senior Research Scientist:
If currently at a university, candidates for Senior Research Scientist positions are expected to have a strong record of attracting research grant support and supervising graduate research. If at an industrial lab, SRS candidates should have management experience, patents and previous success at technology transfer. Typically, SRS candidates have received prizes and have been elected as a fellow or officer of a professional society.

Research Scientist:
Candidates are expected to have the promise of growing professionally to meet the requirements of a Senior Research Scientist. If from academia, candidates are expected to have a strong record of attracting grant support and supervising graduate research. If from industry, candidates should have a strong record of successful research and technology transfer along with management experience.

Associate Researcher:
Candidates are expected to have demonstrated innovation and excellence in research, at least some publications in top journals and conferences, and the promise of growing to meet the requirements of a Senior Research Scientist.

Graduate Student Researcher:
The Center has several exciting projects in the Machine Learning for Vision research field. We are actively looking for very talented Java programmers. Prospective students might get class credit for their work.